Thursday, May 3, 2012

Successful yard sale for a great cause!

On Saturday, we (my sister, best friend and I and our 3 boys) are walking in Seattle with the University of Washington medical center team in the March for Babies. This annual, amazing event raises money to help March of Dimes. Many of you know that my best friends little boy was born 8 weeks premature at 3 lbs, 9 oz. We are walking for him and all babies born premature. This past Saturday we had a yard sale at our home to raise money toward our goal for this event.  We raised $300!! People are very generous when you put your proceeds towards charity. They will leave their change or just make a donation. I love to see people's generosity when you do stuff like this.

My little yard sale pricer. She was so eager to help me! I love it. Yard sales with my dad is one of my favorite childhood memories. 

 Sidewalk chalk is a great way to pass the time at a yard sale.

Mykayla used all her fun new lemonade stuff she got for her birthday to have a lemonade stand. She made $35 selling lemonade, rice krispy treats and cookies. She donated it ALL to March of Dimes. So proud of her! In turn, Uncle Bubba matched her donation and bought her a video game with it. I love that our family members are so supportive and like to do stuff like that for my children.

We had a ton of stuff and got rid of so much stuff including all the furniture and big stuff. 

Toddlers are not easy to keep entertained during a yard sale. Not too mention making sure their toys don't get sold : )

The star of the show-Logan with Auntie Nuni

He was seriously soaking up the attention but he SO deserves it!

 Michael passed some of the time picking dandelions.

No yard sale would be the same without my dad coming down to help with a pick up full of crap I mean good stuff to sell.

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