Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Master bedroom mini makeover

As you read in my last post, we all got "new" beds last week. Adam and I got a king size bed (After 10 years!!!) which meant we had to get a new bed set. I knew I wanted to go with gray/charcoal and black. We found a bed in a bag at Bed, Bath and Beyond that was perfect. I used mostly items we had around the house to make this mini makeover budget friendly. Our downstairs bathroom had black and red accents so I pulled those up to our room and put all the beach theme blues and browns down in the bathroom. It worked out perfectly! I added some paint to a couple frames we had up and gave them a whole new look with gray and black mats and of course, pictures of our cute kids : ) The "headboard" is courtesy of Pinterest and you can see how it was done on tomorrow's post. So, here is the pics of our new master bedroom, I love it!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The great bed change up

After 10 years of marriage and sleeping on a full/queen bed, Adam and I got a king size bed on Friday!! This meant that Mykayla and Michael also got "new" beds. Mykayla got our old queen bed and Michael got sisters old twin bed. Bigger beds all around!!

 (Kayla has not got her new bed set yet, we are working on it)
(Michael will eventually have a Mickey Mouse theme room. One thing at a time : )

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Celebrating 10 years at Sun Mountain

I'm back! I was on a daily streak for awhile with my posting before I slacked a bit : ) Thought I would come share about our wonderful 10 year anniversary trip.

Basically our 2 1/2 days consisted of a quiet, kid free, enjoying each others company, great time!! Now when I say quiet, I mean pretty close to hearing a pin drop minus talking : ) Our room had no TV (which killed my poor husband) and there was very few people staying there as it was their last weekend before closing for a month for renovations. We arrived Thursday afternoon around 3. Thursday afternoon/evening was spent exploring what there was to do and playing a couple games of pool in the game room. We also played some card and dice games in our room. (Great bonding gets done when you have no TV!) Friday morning I had a pedicure and Adam had a 90 minute massage. Due to some miscommunication with the salon, my pedicure was rescheduled and then the lodge comped it! $80 of service for free for making me wait! Was not expecting that but it help even out Adam's massage : ) We went snow shoeing afterwards and stopped several times just to enjoy the quiet and calm and also take in the beautiful views around us. Friday evening we enjoyed a "fancy" to us dinner at the restaurant in the lodge. We both had steak, potatoes and vegetables and then topped it off with mini apple pies. You can only imagine what the bill was. Oh well, you only live once!  We finished the evening with more pool and games in our room. Saturday morning we got up and headed to Stevens Pass to meet up with Pat and Celia for a day of skiing. Great time, more on that later after I get pictures from Celia.

Less fancy bar & grill dinner on Thursday evening
There was animal heads and antlers everywhere. For those of you with kids or my teacher friends, this picture totally reminds me of the book Imogene's Antlers.
One of our many spectacular mountain views.
Ready for some snow shoeing which I think is a very deceiving sport. Way more work and tiring than I thought it was going to be. We I lasted an hour barely.

Thought this would be a fun way to document what we did on our anniversary but mainly wanted to document that my husband is actually wearing his wedding ring : ) 

Beautiful place! Highly recommend!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I actually created something I pinned!

Here is the original pin...
 Here is my take...for Adam for our 10 year anniversary on Friday. I did it for about $4, the cost of the frame.


ETA: So I gave this to Adam yesterday and was so excited! Then he so graciousally points out that I put the dates "are" lives were changed forever, should be our. Dang! Seriously?? How does one make a mistake like that on their final project? I guess if anyone can, it would  be me. Good thing I saved it on the computer at home : )