Monday, December 12, 2011

What an angel!

Yesterday, Mykayla participated in "The Best Christmas Program Ever" at the church we have been attending for the last couple months. She received the CD of music at the end of October but unfortunately due to other plans with family in November, we never made it back to practice. So last week when they mentioned it would be Sunday the 11th, Mykayla was determined to sing with them after just one Sunday rehearsal. She went to the dress rehearsal on Saturday morning and by Sunday performance time, looked like she had been practicing the whole time! I was so proud of her for getting out there, practicing with what little time she had and doing so well. I was however having some issues with her sudden independence : ) She wanted to be sure I was not going to stay at rehearsal, that she would be fine by herself. *Sigh* I guess they all grow up at sometime huh? The cell phone pictures are all I have unfortunately. I had my camera with me, but no battery! I hate it when I do that!!

3 Santa's in one day

I only was able to capture two of them in pictures but last Saturday, Jordan and Mykayla sat on 3 different Santa's laps. Quite obviously, Santa has some "stand in" Santa's working for him : ) I don't think it even phased them, they were happy to let each one know what they wanted so as to be sure to get it.

First stop: Teddy Bear Breakfast at Comcast Arena to benefit Providence Children's Foundation. A BIG thank you to Mary (Kattrina's grandmother-in-law) for getting us tickets for the last 3 years! 
The girls did have pics taken with Santa but I was not able to catch them on my camera.

Next stop: Snow blast at Gold Creek Community Church in Mill Creek
 And finally: Mill Creek Town Center Tree Lighting and festivities

The Reason for the Season!

Mykayla's favorite Christmas "decoration to assemble and put up is the nativity. (I LOVE this!! and I love to watch her set it up!) We have had a Veggie Tales Nativity since she was about 2 and each year, she diligently sets it up and plays with it for awhile.

December 2008
In 2008, Mykayla narrated the nativity as she put it up. I sat and wrote it down as she played. Her words were so sweet and in a funny way reflected the Christmas story. So the nativity in her own words (Mykayla Age 4)

"That guy is babysitting Jesus. No, Jesus doesn't need a babysitter; Jesus is at home with his mom and dad."

"The cow says moo, moo. I'm hungry."

"That dude brings them the hay."

"Jesus dad is a farmer, Jesus mom is a..she has sheep, what is she?"

Mom to Mykayla, "People who have sheep are shepherds."

"Oh, a farmer and a shepherd."

"The cow needs some time to rest by himself."

"Jesus got kicked off the deck by the cow."

Talking to the cow... "You guys stick over there and go potty or something, do what you need to do, just don't scare Jesus!" (My favorite line of the whole thing!)

"Oh, I am going to name you Jesus. Is that a nice name Jesus?"

This year, she decided that Michael could now use the Veggie Tales nativity (Luckily he has not yet figured out that if you push on the star several times, it will repeat "O Little Town of Bethlehem". in an obnoxious Veggie Tale like voice. This was Kayla's favorite thing to do when she was little.)  and she would move on to the "breakable" one.  Mykayla begged to put one of my big nativities in her room and I couldn't say no. She put the ceramic nativity in her room.

My Willow Tree Nativity
 It has taken me 5 years to find the perfect place to put this in our house and I am so excited that I finally found somewhere that works!! It will go here from now on. My dad painted the sign for me and I love how well it goes with the nativity.
I am so glad that Mykayla has taken to the real reason for the season and reason we celebrate!