Friday, May 25, 2012

She's a SURVIVOR, she's not going to give up!!

My best friend Jenny came and stayed with me for a night the first week of May. While she was here she told me she had found two lumps under her right arm, probably in her lymph nodes Her family doctor told her was probably just that they were irritated by something and to come back in a couple weeks if it was still bothering her. She asked the doctor to do a scan anyway, knowing her history. By her history, I mean Jenny has already survived cancer. She was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma when she was in high school (I blogged about Jenny and her fight for her bday in March) After scans and tests, Jenny was diagnosed with stage 2b breast cancer about a week and a half ago at the age of 29. She has since undergone several scans and tests to determine if it has spread. As I type, she is having a PET scan (full body scan) and CT to see if it has spread anywhere else in her body. We are currently texting about the nasty stuff she has to drink for her next test : ) So up to this point at the age of 29, Jenny has had chemo and radiation for cancer, her little boy was born 8 weeks premature and spent 10 weeks in the NICU and now this. To say that she is strong and won't give up is an understatement! I don't know a stronger person to which I am glad because I know this means she won't let this get her down either! She is determined this will not end her life, but make it a new beginning to her life. She is for the most part, keeping positive and upbeat saying "Just take them both off if it means I get to live!" I love her attitude and spirit.

Jen-Continue to fight the good fight! You are an amazing friend, mother, sister and daughter whom I admire and look up to day after day! I know this will not change any of that. Love you!!

You can visit Jenny's CaringBridge site at to keep updated on her treatment and progress. She has asked me to co-author her page so you may see updates from me from time to time.

Pictures (from the top):
* Jenny sent this pic to me on my cell phone in her new "Beaches" hat. She always says that the 3 of us (Kattrina, Jenny & I) are going to be like Beaches when we get older : )
* This is Jenny and I having a good time the other night while setting up her CaringBridge site. Now mind you, it was late and we were both really tired.
*  Jenny's neighbor made her this fleece no-sew blanket for treatment. Her mother was in treatment for breast cancer and was always cold so she thought Jen would need one. I love how Logan is sleeping with it.
* Jenny and her pride and joy Logan. Her son (and the rest of her family) will keep her going for sure!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We saw Elmo!!

Man, I have been MIA for the last couple weeks. Will try to be better about that : )
This past Sunday, Michael and I joined Stephanie, Zoe, Auntie Amanda and Elliott at the Comcast Arena to see Elmo Live!! The kids all had a great time dancing, singing and helping the gang at Sesame Street find their new friend Jenny's instruments. This was Michaels first live on stage show and I would say he did pretty good outside of his normal antsy self. Elliott danced and danced and danced!! Zoe sat comfortably with mommy clapping and shouting Yay!! As for me, I told the girls "I'm not gonna lie, Big Bird kind of freaks me out." He was looking a little top heavy ; ) Auntie Amanda brought her big camera and took some great photos! Some of these are courtesy of her. The others were on my phone.

Monday, May 7, 2012

A quick cool Costco find

Went to Costco the other day for diapers and wipes and found these cool water bottles for the kids. It is a set of 10 bottles ($10) with lids that you fill and put in the handy tray in the fridge. I think they will be perfect for grabbing on the go, going to the park and for Kayla for gymnastics. Quick fill each week and we are ready! I am super excited and am hoping they encourage my children (and myself) to drink more water. I was also able to get rid if all the random cheapy plastic water bottles we have around.

Friday, May 4, 2012

An amazing scrapbook room makeover

No, not mine : ) My scrapbook room now belongs to a cute little boy. One day I will have my own room again but until then I will live vicariously through my sister and mom's. So for Mother's Day, my sister decided to makeover their scrap room for my mom. She chose a color scheme of yellow and gray. I met her at Ikea one night and we went to work finding all the right organizing items and accessories for a perfect scrap room. I am pretty sure she would have come out cheaper without me but I had a blast helping spend her money! : ) Ready for the reveal? Brace yourself, it turned out awesome!!

Unfortunately I don't have any before pictures. I managed to snap this one of all the stuff they had crammed in that little room though.

And the little things...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Successful yard sale for a great cause!

On Saturday, we (my sister, best friend and I and our 3 boys) are walking in Seattle with the University of Washington medical center team in the March for Babies. This annual, amazing event raises money to help March of Dimes. Many of you know that my best friends little boy was born 8 weeks premature at 3 lbs, 9 oz. We are walking for him and all babies born premature. This past Saturday we had a yard sale at our home to raise money toward our goal for this event.  We raised $300!! People are very generous when you put your proceeds towards charity. They will leave their change or just make a donation. I love to see people's generosity when you do stuff like this.

My little yard sale pricer. She was so eager to help me! I love it. Yard sales with my dad is one of my favorite childhood memories. 

 Sidewalk chalk is a great way to pass the time at a yard sale.

Mykayla used all her fun new lemonade stuff she got for her birthday to have a lemonade stand. She made $35 selling lemonade, rice krispy treats and cookies. She donated it ALL to March of Dimes. So proud of her! In turn, Uncle Bubba matched her donation and bought her a video game with it. I love that our family members are so supportive and like to do stuff like that for my children.

We had a ton of stuff and got rid of so much stuff including all the furniture and big stuff. 

Toddlers are not easy to keep entertained during a yard sale. Not too mention making sure their toys don't get sold : )

The star of the show-Logan with Auntie Nuni

He was seriously soaking up the attention but he SO deserves it!

 Michael passed some of the time picking dandelions.

No yard sale would be the same without my dad coming down to help with a pick up full of crap I mean good stuff to sell.