Friday, May 25, 2012

She's a SURVIVOR, she's not going to give up!!

My best friend Jenny came and stayed with me for a night the first week of May. While she was here she told me she had found two lumps under her right arm, probably in her lymph nodes Her family doctor told her was probably just that they were irritated by something and to come back in a couple weeks if it was still bothering her. She asked the doctor to do a scan anyway, knowing her history. By her history, I mean Jenny has already survived cancer. She was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma when she was in high school (I blogged about Jenny and her fight for her bday in March) After scans and tests, Jenny was diagnosed with stage 2b breast cancer about a week and a half ago at the age of 29. She has since undergone several scans and tests to determine if it has spread. As I type, she is having a PET scan (full body scan) and CT to see if it has spread anywhere else in her body. We are currently texting about the nasty stuff she has to drink for her next test : ) So up to this point at the age of 29, Jenny has had chemo and radiation for cancer, her little boy was born 8 weeks premature and spent 10 weeks in the NICU and now this. To say that she is strong and won't give up is an understatement! I don't know a stronger person to which I am glad because I know this means she won't let this get her down either! She is determined this will not end her life, but make it a new beginning to her life. She is for the most part, keeping positive and upbeat saying "Just take them both off if it means I get to live!" I love her attitude and spirit.

Jen-Continue to fight the good fight! You are an amazing friend, mother, sister and daughter whom I admire and look up to day after day! I know this will not change any of that. Love you!!

You can visit Jenny's CaringBridge site at to keep updated on her treatment and progress. She has asked me to co-author her page so you may see updates from me from time to time.

Pictures (from the top):
* Jenny sent this pic to me on my cell phone in her new "Beaches" hat. She always says that the 3 of us (Kattrina, Jenny & I) are going to be like Beaches when we get older : )
* This is Jenny and I having a good time the other night while setting up her CaringBridge site. Now mind you, it was late and we were both really tired.
*  Jenny's neighbor made her this fleece no-sew blanket for treatment. Her mother was in treatment for breast cancer and was always cold so she thought Jen would need one. I love how Logan is sleeping with it.
* Jenny and her pride and joy Logan. Her son (and the rest of her family) will keep her going for sure!!

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